Price-Match Your Way to Substantial Savings

Save major green by utilizing store’s price-match guarantees. Learn how to price-match your way to substantial savings.

I know it’s only January, but there’s never a bad time of the year to save money! Now is also a great time to begin setting aside cash to save up for big retail seasons like Black Friday and the holidays. Doing so can help prevent big bills from following you into 2017. So, today let’s talk about stores that offer price-match guarantees.

Retailers, realizing how easy it is for consumers to shop around and compare prices from the comfort of their smartphone screens, have begun offering price-match guarantees to cut competition. Customers willing to do their research and shop around online can save major green.

Not all price-match guarantees are created equal, though. Policies will differ and may have exclusions. I suggest checking out stores’ websites, because sometimes employees aren’t familiar with every policy. For added convenience, I’ve included links to few popular brands’ price-match guarantee policies below.

· Amazon
· Bed Bath & Beyond
· Best Buy
· Family Dollar
· Fry’s Electronics
· hhgregg
· Home Depot
· J.C. Penney
· Lowe’s
· Nordstrom
· Office Depot
· Petco
· Petsmart
· Sears
· Sports Authority
· Staples
· Target
· Toys”R”Us
· Walmart

Enjoy your shopping excursions a little more knowing you price-matched your way to substantial savings!

Good luck!

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