Love for Less

Love for Less Snip

You don’t have to spend a fortune for your sweetie know that he/she is loved this Valentine’s Day.

It’s not necessary! There are many ways to keep costs down, without looking cheap. Check out the list below.

Cook Dinner
Staying in is always cheaper than going out. Dim the lights and utilize candles, turn on some Michael Bublé and enjoy alone time between the two of you. One year, my guy and I cooked sushi together. We were on a tight budget, but I’ll never forget that memory. Other fun and interactive meals include fondue, pizza, etc.

DIY Gifts
One Valentine’s Day, a guy I was dating found a wooden crate with the logo of my favorite wine on it. He took that crate and re-stained it then did a mosaic in the bottom of it. It was gorgeous! I still use it today. Whether it’s a poem, a piece of pottery you painted, a photo collage, etc., DIY gifts can hold the most meaning.

Groupon and LivingSocial
If you haven’t visited Groupon or LivingSocial or downloaded their apps, you’re missing out! These sites offer great deals on items, local activities and restaurants. I’ve purchased plenty of $40 of food for only $20 deals from these sites, cutting the price of my meal in half!

Skip the Theater Line
Surprise your significant other (SO) with a romantic movie date. Hit up redbox for a movie you think they’ll like, then purchase their favorite candy. Make popcorn for them and enjoy a quiet night together. I love it when my SO rents the classic black and white, romantic movies.

Whether it’s a sunset picnic, cooking a meal together, a fun scavenger hunt, a handmade card, or wine and dancing in your living room, there are many ways that you can make your SO feel like a million bucks this Valentine’s Day without spending what feels like a million bucks.

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